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Ron McGarvey

Iím 5í3Ē on a good day. 55 years old. For 50 years I lived in Utah, a little city called Brigham. I was a machinist most of my career. I did have some starter jobs at the age of 15-20. Lived there and raised a beautiful family had a lovely wife kids and even grandkids. I came up here to Northern California in April 14th 2016 spent a week clearing for a garden and putting in a shed and container in place. Then came back on May 15th 2016 with a trailer to stay and build this dream of being as self reliant as I could.

Like most that decide to take the off grid plunge. it was mostly about living debt free and as cheep as I could each year. I have went from owning nothing and spending 100k a year to spending very little for living expenses about 8000 year and owning everything. For me thatís really what it was about.

Then I get here and find I like showing what I do how I do it and what I learn. And want to teach to everyone.

I did spend many hours on line looking at land in different places in the country. I had a budget of course and was looking for a place in the forest where it didnít snow much. LOL I was thinking of growing through the winter even then. When I found a location that worked I picked 5 places to look at. It was a 13 hour drive to get there. So I wanted plenty of options to look at. The last one my son and I looked at is the property I own.

Iím one of them that sold absolutely everything I owned. Payed all my debts off and with what was left over bought land and came up here.

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